Sunday, November 15, 2015


Mark and I are home on vacation for five days, two of which we are kid free!!  We could be kicking back with our feet up. Sitting in the kiddie pool with giant margaritas and watching the clouds float by. Or, more likely, we could be snuggled under a comforter reading, or sinking hours into a computer game, navigating an exotic planet and scoring some sweet XP.

Instead, we're remodeling the master bedroom!!!!! I once read that the number of exclamation points relates conversely to the writer's sincerity.  I'm just saying, the margarita sounds awesome.

But honestly, it's going pretty well. Two of the walls were covered in dated seashell wallpaper and we got both stripped yesterday. Then we painted the whole room this morning. It is AMAZING what you can get done when your kids have been farmed out.
The original wallpaper.

The stripped walls.
Choosing paint color is always hard for me. It seems so arbitrary. "Here are a million light blue paint colors. While standing in the brightly lit paint aisle at Home Depot, go pick the perfect one." But we agreed on a bright, pretty blue.

Next, Mark is working on a pair of desk consoles that will go on either side of the bed. Soon I'll have my own desk!!!  Eventually. we will build a matching bed frame and then a bridge between the consoles. When it's done it will look like a built-in shelving unit.

In the mean time, we'll just enjoy our pretty blue room!

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