Friday, August 15, 2014

Time Is Money People (Also, The Conclusion to My 24 Day Fitness Challenge)

I'm having trouble committing to a shower.  It seems like an awfully large time sink.  Like, with the showering and the dressing and the hair...doing...?  I mean, I already wasted an easy 2.5 minutes finding clothes to put on after my shower.  Maybe I should pace myself; find adult clothes today, take the shower tomorrow, get dressed on Sunday?

In the old days I would just throw myself in the shower with feckless abandon.  No planning, not prep work.  But that was when I could leave my bathroom wrapped in a towel and still be in my bedroom.  And there's nothing like nakedness to inspire you to find some damn clothes and get dressed.

Life is hard...........


Originally my post ended there, quailing about the struggle that is personal hygiene.  Then I glanced back a couple posts and realized I never concluded my epic 24 DAY CHALLENGE story arc.  And I thought, 'Eh, I'll post about it tomorrow.' But then, THEN, I realized maybe I just had posted about it.  One day 3 of the challenge I mentioned to Mark how nice it was to feel ... energized again.  I felt like doing dishes and standard self-care was totally doable and not a terrible hassle at all.  Part of it was the caffeine energy supplement that comes with the program.  I told Mark it was like self-control in a bottle.  I drank half a serving before breakfast and another before lunch and it gave me that tiny bit of oomph I needed to make a healthy lunch, instead of mac-n-cheese or drive through.  The healthy lunch carried over to an afternoon spent folding laundry and sweeping the kitchen with barely a thought to how much trouble it all was.  My sink was empty, the clean clothes were put away, and I had a clearer head.

It turns out 24 days is, like, 2.75 more days than I can really take myself seriously.  So I ate cookies on day 23 and had coffee on day 24.  But I did both of those things while sitting in a pair of size 16 shorts that no longer felt like they were squeezing the life out of me.  

In all I lost 7 pounds, an inch and a half around my chest, an inch around my thigh, and dropped a pant size.  I'm really happy with the results (though at first I was discouraged, as I had secretly hoped for more.)  

I know my weak spot is activity, I tried jogging and gave myself a heat induced migraine; and I only did 2 days of yoga consistently.  So I know where to concentrate my effort.  

This is what I do every morning.
You would not believe how much my flexibility has improved - I can now do the forward fold with my palms flat on the floor.
 If you have more time you can hold each pose for 20 or 30 seconds.
Yoga Bunny originally by Brian Russo
Honestly, who can say no to bunny yoga?
Yoga Bunny originally by Brian Russo
I'm really looking forward to re-ordering the energy supplement and the primary weight-loss supplements and refocusing after my mom's visit next week.  And do a dish or three...

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  1. I can totally relate to this post! I don't know why picking an outfit to take to the shower is such a hassle, but it is! It actually kept me from showering this morning, just so I could stay in my pajamas for an extra half an hour.