Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Down and Dirty List of Ways to Make some Quick Cash

Mark and I started listening to Dave Ramsy's book The Total Money Makeover.  I'll blog about our journey later, but today I'm working on Baby Step #1: Sock Away $1,000 FAST.  So here is a brainstorm of ways I could make money fast:
  1. Part time job (tricky, juggling the kids and avoiding daycare expenses, but possible)
    1. MikAm Landscaping - hourly pay
    2. Wood Wizardry - commission per project
    3. Retail? Service? 
    4. LeapForce
    5. CloudTen; GSI
  2. Full time job - the kids go back to daycare
  3. Sell stuff on Craigslist 
    1. List/Sell Mike's inventory; collect commission
    2. List/Sell other people's items; collect commission
    3. List/Sell our own stuff
      1. Nissan Sentra????
      2. kegerator
      3. ...damn we got rid of a lot of crap last year....
  4. Sell stuff on Pinterest/Famer's Market/Craft Fair
    1. wood rings
    2. Yoga May bags
    3. sewing/decorating bags
    4. mehndi-ish design on clothes, bags, etc...
    5. planners .pdf
    6. paper mache
      1. ornaments
      2. mobile
    7. Canvases; balsa; prints
  5. Real Estate - taking the course in June
  6. Sell e-books
  7. Photography/selling stock photos - I'm wicked scared of putting myself out there as any kind of photographer, but I really like taking pictures and I think I could be good at it...
  8. Babysit
  9. Face painting - seems far fetched, but maybe contract with a party company in town?
  10. Mystery Shopper - research
  11. Virtual Assistant - research
  12. Shadow Jury - research
  13. Freelance writing - research guru, elance and odesk
  14. Data entry - research  virtual bee and HEA Employment
  15. Substitute teaching
  16. Fiverr
  17. Mechanical Turk; survey - research Pinecone

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